Donald Trump's Campaign is Promoting Unity, and the Liberals are Angry About it!

    America's presumptive (Future president) republican nominee Donald J. Trump has been in the politics business for quite some time now, his avid care for the American people has sparked his career in an upward angle. Many trusted politicians have supported him along they way such as Governor Sarah Palin, who has the same level of smartness as future president Trump, which is rare among many cases. She even has the same hate for the Supreme dictator Barrack himself.

   “In exactly one year from tomorrow, former President Barack Obama, he packs up the teleprompter and the selfie sticks and the Greek columns and all that hope-y change-y stuff and he heads on back to Chicago–where I’m sure he can find some community there to organize again.”

   Only very few people can get so wise. An endorsement like this only serves to prove that Trump and his supporters are for the interest and the safety of the people. He promises to protect the border from grueling ISIS, ISIL, or any members of the violent Muslim cult and crime-nesting Mexicans. He even promises to give unlimited access to anyone who needs to protect themselves from danger by making even AK-47s (our favorite weapon over here at the team headquarters) completely legal and buyable, of course with the exception to people who are bad guys, of course. All these things he adresses is going to keep us Americans closer together like a family again. However, someone has to disagree with the best ideas all the time to stir up trouble, and those people, my friends, are in this case the liberals. Let's have a fat talk about this.

    Yes, the left-winged lunatics have done it again by name-calling those who cherish The Donald "racists", "bigots", or their favorite, "xenophobic assholes" especially recently once he claimed to support the Independence of Great Britain. Not so nice, these liberals, huh? They always tend to victimize those with common sense because the leaders of the left want to wipe out common sense from the people to activate a sense of mind control, but they have failed once again at that. Trump supporters of all kinds, even black ones that were bribed  are fighting for their inalienable rights, letting nobody change their mind or brainwash them. Clueless liberals pick their noses hoping for change while the rest of humanity is working hard to make sure people like them don't repopulate to spread their unconscious stupidity.

   Our team even decided to interview Donald with some very important questions:

FT: There is a lot of deporting being involved in your very special agenda, how does it, in your own words, make us unified in America?

DT: Well you see in Mexico they're bringing in drugs, and bringing in crime, causing the black market to rob millions and millions from us and I'm gonna take it back. That's unifying.

FT: How do you respond to the liberal's hatred for your ideals?

DT: Lemme tell ya, I have very thick skin, I have the best skin, in fact, and those who don't like me are just jealous of me really. And lemme say that they're gonna have a hard time when I'm president for sure.

FT: Do you consider yourself Xenophobic? If not, what's your favorite cookie?

DT: Never heard of that word before. I do like Oatmeal raisin cookies and chocolate chip too. In fact I'm very into cookies, Trump cookies [Oreos] are swell, we make the best snacks at Trump Cafe, you're gonna enjoy it a lot, lemme tell ya.

FT:After repealing ObamaCare and Obama himself, what else are you going to do to attack the liberals?

DT: I'm really would like to in all honesty, uh, buy his family, so they can do some housework for me. I'm not gonna pay 'em though, I'm just gonna buy them. As for the people who don't like me, I'll try my best and see what I can do about it, it's gonna be great, you'll love it.

  We had a splendid time talking to a very successful man, he had some very clever responses to our questions provided. Once again, thank you for having a fat talk with us, and let us know what you think in the comments!




Obama is Plotting to Make a Deal with Google Glasses...And You're NOT Going to Like it.

   For those who stay up-to-date with Mr. Obama's ever-growing agenda, you probably already know it gets worse every moment he proposes something to the public. This time he's trying to create a partnership with Google, Google Glasses in particular. Clueless leftists  would probably applaud his decision in awe, but those who think would look deeper into it.

  Many journalists on our Fat-Talks team have gathered some of Obama's somewhat criminal ideals revolving around this situation that include implementing videos of himself into the technology that play automatically before the user tends to go to sleep. To begin with, not only is that highly invasive, it is already bad enough to hear about him on the news every once in a while rather than having to put up with his rather repulsive face every night before you go to sleep.


   "The nature behind that implementation is so that your brain recognizes him as an important figure in our lifespan." concludes completely certified psychologist and scientist Brent Andersen. Studies also show that activity similar to what O-bum-a is trying to achieve is a form of mild propaganda. Typical of him! The people of USA should no longer be surprised that Barrack O-Vomit's steps to becoming the supreme dictator of the entire world are coming very close to its peak, and we should prepare ourselves for taking action before this monster unleashes his (If he even is human) wrath amongst the people, the law-abiding men of success! Many of us on the team are very excited for President Obama to snap off of the executive branch, because then we could hang him from a branch!      


Look at Obama ; A crude idiot.

                                                  For freedom's sake,

                                                           ~FatTalks Team~


  Smoke Detectors have a Disturbing secret! 

  Some people will tell you that a smoke detector is implemented in your house for safety purposes, but that's where they are exactly wrong. Former scientist Pon Huong discovered a dangerous toxin roaming in your system. Whether new or old detector, it's there, and it always has been there.

  Huong had found that this toxin was not like any other chemical he's studied , for there was an extra-terrestrial body being formed by it. The last thing he saw from it was reportedly him being attacked by it at tremendous  force.

   "The figure...I had only moved a slight bit and it attacked me almost to death." said Huong in the hospital. The Creature toxin gave Huong large damages, including a broken and ripped off nose, dismantle fingers, and a hole in his head. Less than hours later, Pon died from loss of blood.

  The department of security advises you don't even think about messing with your nearby detector, for it may kill you too. Researchers including people on our FatTalks Team are trying to figure out the root cause for these things to be implemented in our systems. One may say that these are aliens that are created by the government so they can capture secrets they need to know about you, which is most likely true. Others may say this is not even true, but those people are ignorant losers that cannot stand the truth and deserve to be punished!

  Let's end this Fat talk by saying that Pon Huong was a hero, and is our future for the safety of our legal citizens. Let's follow in his footsteps, and do what's right for the world! Screw you Aliens!!

Dr. Huong when he was

 lively and healthy



   Secretary Hillary Clinton doing Witchcraft at her OWN SPEECH 

   Lock your doors, folks, because Hill is cheating this election like crazy, almost supernatural. Some experts say she is a witch due to her massive wrinkles, and they say that each wrinkle determines your experience as an evil summoner. Let's have a fat talk about this.

   What you mainly have to remember about Hillary Clinton is that she has close ties with leaders who do nothing but harm countries for greedy reasons (Think of Mr. Obama), If she likes talking to  these evil people doesn't that tell you that she's up to nothing but trouble for us? As for the witchcraft, she does voodoo magic to speak to the youth and follows popular "trends" to get the message out to brainwash these poor children.

   She calls herself a progressive, only because she is progressing towards damnation. Whenever she's on the news she laughs hysterically, but not for the reason you think. Did this alert you? Good, it was supposed to. There's only very few ways to avoid her evil tactics of presidency. One could simply be to not vote for her, but she could brainwash you into doing it. For all we know she may have the same destructive power as Obama and his bodyguards (Lizard Shapeshiftery). Two, you could support the right to bear arms for everyone including children above the age of 5 years, that way there is a larger chance we could defend ourselves from the wicked. And lastly you could donate 10 easy dollars to our program to keep and laugh at you because you believe this stupid propaganda support the arrest of all witches! Thanks for having this fat talk.


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